Monday, September 23, 2013

Two divas and a referee

Our regular cantor wanted to lead both the Shacharit and Musaf services.  Our guest cantor wanted to lead both the Shacharit and Musaf services.  My poor husband, as "acting rabbi" (for lack of a better description), ended up stuck in the middle.  'Twas not his favorite kind of sandwich.  :( 
Sof davar/end of story:  The guest cantor led Musaf.


Anonymous Miami Al said...

In Orthodox circles, its always a different man leading both. In Reform circles, it's usually the same woman leading both. I assume that conservative circles are usually the same person leading both...

Tue Sep 24, 10:02:00 AM 2013  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Miami Al, that's usually the case in our local Conservative synagogue, but it's not necessarily the case in all Conservative shuls.

Tue Sep 24, 11:01:00 AM 2013  
Blogger The Reform Baal Teshuvah said...

Miami Al,

In Reform circles, the issue does not come up, because Musaf is not done. On Holidays like RH and YK where much of the special liturgy is contained in Musaf, that gets folded into Shacharit.

At my Conservative shul, different people for P'sukei d'zimra, shacharit, Hallel, Removing the Torah, Returning the Torah and Musaf.

Wed Sep 25, 09:54:00 AM 2013  
Anonymous Miami Al said...

Thanks for the reminder. Now that I think about it, we only did the Silent Hatifilah once. I was thinking of summer camp with two Amidahs (it was Conservative that I attended) on Shabbat.

I also remember 45 minute to 1 hour sermons...

Wed Sep 25, 12:33:00 PM 2013  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Reform BT and Miami Al, you may be amused to know that I used to attend a synagogue that couldn't make up its mind--we had a separate Maariv/Evening Service for Simchat Torah, but we didn't have a morning service because, in theory, we observed the Shalosh Regalim/Festivals in the Israeli manner, for one day only. Go figure. On the plus side, having the morning free gave me the freedom to "shul-hop" and enjoy the hakafot in different synagogues.

Wed Sep 25, 02:11:00 PM 2013  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

As for long sermons, they get even longer when one has both a long-winded rabbi and congregational participation. At that same shul, under a previous rabbi, sermons/discussions routinely took at least an hour.

Wed Sep 25, 02:14:00 PM 2013  

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